What kinds of things might make your household one that is just not right for a Klee Kai?

1. If you have lots of expensive furniture or carpeting, you should think twice before getting ANY dog. A small house dog like a Klee Kai loves to be in a place they can call home. They might get very sad if you were in a living room where they weren't allowed for most of the day. Klee Kai, like any puppies, can get into things and can make a mess if they aren't properly supervised. If your house doesn't have a place they can feel free to be at home in, like a kitchen or entry way they can be in whenever they are in the house, it might not be a good home for a Klee Kai. You can train your dogs to stay off of furniture, but remember that these little guys love people most of all. If you are sitting on the couch there is nowhere else they would like to be!

2. If you plan on having a mostly outdoor or kennel dog, the Klee Kai isn't for you. Klee Kai love people. They simply wouldn't be happy spending most of their lives in an outdoor kennel, and certainly wouldn't be satisfied with only being visited a few times a day! While the Klee Kai love to be outside, and love to have a place outside that they can have as their own, such as an outdoor kennel or tether, they much prefer the company of their human companions. They are also very good at escaping, so leaving them out of doors with only a chain for long periods of time can be dangerous.

3. If you aren't willing to take the time to learn about the Klee Kai, our dogs aren't a good match for you. The Klee Kai is a rare and interesting breed, and there are many things that owners must be aware of. Since it is a relatively new breed, there are always new discoveries. If you simply want a dog that you don't have to take the time to learn about, perhaps you should rethink the commitment and responsibility of owning a Klee Kai.