What should you know about a Klee Kai before you decide to add one to your life?

1. Klee Kai love attention. A Klee Kai is a very attentive and loving pet, but they won't do very well tethered in the yard alone for long periods of time, or kept in a kennel for many hours. You can quite easily train a Klee Kai to spend the night in a kennel, and to have a kennel or "den" to stay in while you are at work, but keep in mind that Klee Kai will get very lonely while you are gone. If you are going to be gone many hours each day, your Klee Kai will demand a lot of attention when you arrive home. They are always very glad to see their owners, but the longer they are left alone, the more energy they build up! If you work a lot, but are willing to take a lot of time when you aren't working to spend with your dogs, you can make it a very enjoyable partnership.

2. Klee Kai are very loyal. Many times, a Klee Kai will have one person as its "favorite", usually the person who bonds with it first. Dogs will bond with more than one person, but often times the puppies pick one of their owners as the main provider. Perhaps this comes from the history of the Klee Kai, who were bred from Alaskan Huskies. It's in the nature of a husky or a sled dog to have one single musher to whom they are extremely loyal and whom they will protect no matter what. Perhaps the Klee Kai shows this by following at their chosen "musher's" feet. Many owners report that their little dogs love to follow them from room to room and go wherever they go. Ours are never too far from our side - they sit near us as we work in our offices, but are quick to get up and follow when we head off somewhere else.

3. Klee Kai have lots of energy! When the dogs are let out of their kennel, they just simply must exert themselves for awhile! They run and play and try to jump up to greet their owners and often wrestle with each other. They are little bundles of energy, and love to go on walks, though they might have more oomph in them than you do!

4. Klee Kai are extremely trainable and retainable. What this means is that your Klee Kai will grow up loving what you teach it to love. If you expose your Klee Kai to children from the time the puppy is small, the Klee Kai will grow to love children. If a Klee is raised with a kitten, it will grow to love that cat and to enjoy playing with it. Along the same token, a Klee raised in house with cartoons and ringing phones and running feet will grow accustomed to the hustle and bustle of life. ON THE OTHER HAND, although a Klee Kai can be retrained, it is often hard to accustom one to something they have never encountered before. A dog who reaches 5 or 6 months having never seen another dog, child, bird, or car, or who grows up in a very quiet place will have trouble adjusting to major changes. Like all dogs, Klee Kai grow to know what you show them. We suggest that you take every opportunity to show your little dog the world. Have them play with other dogs, expose them to children, get them used to being held and petted by all types of people. Expose them to noisy places as well as quiet places. Give your dog every chance to get to know anything they might encounter in their lives from the time they are very, very young. Your Klee Kai will reward you by being a constant companion who is just as easy going as you want them to be.