Liberty is our toy female, who will eventually also be a breeding female. She was born July 1st, 2005, and came to us in February of 2006 from Barbara Williams in Texas. Libby lives with Mark and Diane at Over the Hill Kennels and has adopted Mark as her "human". She loves to sit on the back of the couch and "call" for any humans to come and sit by her and love her. No bone or treat is too much of a challenge for Libby! She loves to romp and play with her pal Rx and tolerates Wicket quite well. She hasn't had a chance to get to know Willie yet! She is a very sweet girl and loves attention. She is very happy while being cuddled or held in someone's arms, and doesn't like to be left alone very much! She is a great addition to our kennels, and we are very glad to have her with us!