September 9, 2009

Join us in welcoming Robert Frost and Ernest Hemingway -- or Bert & Ernie! Bert & Ernie were born September 9, 2009. Bert is the darker in color of the two and he was born first. It was a difficult birth, as he was born tail and hind feet first, but with a little help, everyone ended up healthy and fine!

Ernie was born about forty-five minutes later with no issue at all and he is the more energetic of the two. He was the first to give puppy kisses and the first to pull himself up on all fours. He's a lighter colr than Bert and he's been very vocal early on!

UPDATE! -- Bert and Ernie both went to their forever homes in November 2009! Bert (now known as Cody) went to Moose Lake, Minnesota and Ernie (now known as Colby) got to ride on a couple planes with Tony to his forever home in New York City!