Rx (pronounced "rex") lives with Diane and Mark at Over the Hill Kennels. He is Diane's constant companion, and likes to ride in the car with her or lay at her feet while she is working. Rx's other best friend is Willie, who he LOVES to come visit or have over! Rx came to us from Eileen Gregory in Colorado and was born on November 22nd, 2004. He is still very shy around strangers because he did not come into our lives until he was 8 months old and is still getting used to the hustle and bustle of South Dakota! Rx loves to chew on things and at times seems to steal things just to get attention! He loves to have guests at his house, but loves even more to be around Mark during meal times because he is sure to get something for a treat! Rx is a good dog who is learning to enjoy his life of luxury with Mark and Diane.