Wicket is our non-breeding male. He came from Eileen Gregory in Colorado, and was born on November 8th, 2004. He also came to us at a much older age than puppies are usually given to new families. He is very shy, reserving his affection mostly for Liza and the other two Klee Kai, though he has made great social improvement over the years. After a few "nice to meet yous", he is a very lovable dog! Wicket is a standard size, so he is slightly larger than Willie. However, he is the submissive dog of the pack, and will let Willie and Daisy boss him around about almost anything. Willie is his best friend, whom he cuddles with. However, Daisy is his "evil twin" with whom he likes to make mischief. He is very excitable when he first wakes up, or when he wants to go outside, and will be the instigator of wild behavior. He is sometimes a private dog however, preferring to sleep on his pillow beside the bed instead of on the foot of the bed with Willie. He loves his den and will hide just about anything in it. Wicket enjoys riding in the car, and likes to sit in the middle of the two front seats, where he can see everything, and is within easy scratching distance of any humans who are also in the car!