Willamina Wolf is our breeding female. She was born on October 22, 2004. She came to us from Eileen Gregory in Colorado. When we got her, she was nearly 8 months old, so she took a little time to get used to new surroundings as well as to us. She is a miniature-sized Klee Kai. Willie is an extremely loyal dog, who has chosen her family and who would probably defend us until the death! She is very hesitant with strangers, though this is the result of a lack of socialization as a small puppy, not because of her natural temperament. Willie is very lovable and prefers people above all else. She does not like to be left alone, or even to be left without her human family. Willie has a very loud voice, and is not hesitant to tell us when she is unhappy being left behind when we go out. Willie's favorite places to be are close to her "Mama", curled up at Liza's feet, or on her lap in the car. Willie is the "lead dog" of our family pack. She is the most assertive of all of them, and is the dominant dog.